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JOIN the Friends of Butterfield and MAKE A DIFFERENCE

Friends of the Butterfield Library is a volunteer group organized to benefit our library by raising extra funds. The purpose of the Friends of the Butterfield Library is to establish a close bond with the community that the Library serves.
Membership Level

Brought to you by the Friends of Butterfield:
Museum Passes
Jane D'Emic, President

Julisa Rincon-Tomizawa, VP

Ruth Ann Cullinan Barr, Secretary

Susan Bricker, Trustee

Christine Caballero, Trustee

Corinne Guinta, Trustee

Hilary Hayes, Trustee

Lourdes Laifer,Trustee

Karen Maschke, Trustee

Jo Pitkin, Trustee

Diane Stropoli, Trustee

Kathy Tomann, Trustee

Abigail Watson, Trustee

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Friends Board, please send an email to Jane D'Emic at [email protected].